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Last summer Microsoft approached us looking to encourage more students to choose their Surface over Apple's products.

The Surface may be an incredibly versatile device, but in the desirability stakes we knew Apple were way out in front.

So, put simply, we needed to make the Surface's productivity message out-weight Apple's superficial style amongst teens. Tricky.


We identified the one day a year where the Surface’s comprehensive features could over-throw Apple’s cool. A day when our audience were more focused on what they could achieve in life rather than how they looked.

Exam results day.

But with just 3 weeks to go we needed to act quickly.

We worked in collaboration with 25 teen influencers to create a film to showcase the variety of opportunities open to students and to demonstrate that whatever they do next, the Surface is the perfect device to support them.

The campaign's hero video was then also supported by influencers sharing their own experiences of exam results day and along the way showcased the Surface.

The result, a choreographed eco-system of content that made our message unavoidable on exam results day.


  • Campaign related content received 928,380 views (target of 788,850 views)
  • The campaign’s hero video received over 650,000 view (target of 475,850)
  • It was Microsoft UK’s most engaging campaign ever with 63,757 likes, comments and shares
  • While Apple’s purchase consideration dropped, Surface had the biggest increase in the category, from 37% - 50% amongst 16 -21 year old
  • One very happy client