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The Reyka Expedition

Fancy yourself a Stud Puffin? We've dropped some Icelandic goodness right here in Hackney


Puffins, Vodka, Icelandic trip-hop, tandem bikes and northern lights water projections are all part of The Reyka Expedition that will be swarming your newsfeed this November. Ever wondered what vodka made with water from an Icelandic arctic spring that runs through a 4,000 year-old lava field tastes like? Well, now you don’t need to because its coming to the UK.

To celebrate Reyka’s debut, this month Hackney will be hosting a series of events across some of the coolest spots in East London showcasing some of the best Icelandic talent, traditions and experiences.

Together with Exposed, Reyka is presenting a bespoke Aurora Borealis light show, a live street art exhibition created by some of Iceland’s most talented artists followed by an exquisite feast complemented by Reyka Cocktails, of course. In addition to this, Exposed partnered Reyka with a group of mixologists who will be  putting together a cocktail making master class, where guests can receive top tips on flavor pairing.   

If you want to fully immerse yourself in a one of a kind Icelandic experience but can’t afford the flights then jump on a tube and head down to the streets of hackney, we’re even giving you the chance to bag yourself some Reyka vodka threads!

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